A married man and recent (2010) convert to the Catholic Church, I was raised Lutheran (Missouri Synod), became Episcopalian in my early 20s, and left that ecclesial commnunity for non-negotiable reasons of conscience in 2008. A retired Naval Officer (Naval Oceanographer), I worked subsequently in mapping, software development and hydrographic surveying/nautical cartography. Although I took introductory college courses in economics and political science, my knowledge of the former discipline is largely as reader on the topic (since the latter 1960s) and an auto-didact in the subject, primarily in the Austrian School, and my knowledge of the latter is from reading the Constitution and U.S. history and from five+ decades of personal observation. My avocational enthusiasms are Formula 1 racing, single malt Scotch whisky, watching soccer, cricket and rugby (live or on TV), and European travel. Although I do own and wear a kilt, I am unaware of any Scots in my ancestry—the tartan of my kilt, the Balmoral bonnet on my gravatar, and it’s clansman’s badge are all in honor of my wife of 32+ years, whose paternal ancestry is predominantly Scottish (Glengarry MacDonnell).