My objective in writing this blog is to counter an erroneous idea I have encountered, and anticipate I will continue to encounter, on a variety of Catholic and other Christian blogs. Namely, that being Austro-libertarian in one’s political and/or economic principles (as opposed to being a member of the Libertarian political party) is axiomatically incompatible with being a faithful Catholic who is loyal to the teachings of both the universal and special magisteria of the Catholic Church.

The error in question arises from a number of misunderstandings. One of the misunderstandings arises from the confusion of poorly catechised Catholics who believe, whether explicitly or implicitly, that the teachings of the Holy Fathers embodied in specific encyclicals on particular secular subjects are infallible, despite the fact that such teachings are neither given ex cathedra nor on matters specifically of faith or morals. Other errors arise from a fundamental misunderstanding of the varieties of libertarianism, many of which are in conflict with Catholic and general Christian teaching. It is my hope that in writing about the application of the principles to which God has led me over more than four decades of individual study, I will both refine the results of my own personal actions and words in living out my faith, and simultaneously encourage others to examine how their alternative principles comport with what Christ asks of us, with the result is that, not only I, but anyone who reads or comments here, might actually increase their understanding of how the world works in the arena of economics and politics, and of the ways in which we might better live out the teachings of our Lord.

In pursuing the above purpose I intend to address from an Austro-libertarian Catholic perspective, issues of liberty, economics and politics that are in the public eye. I welcome any contributions from readers that are civil and respectful.